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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The StunMaster 4.5 Million Volt Rechargeable "Runt" Stun Gun - This Baby Packs A Punch!

 The StunMaster 4.5 Million Volt Rechargeable "Runt" Stun Gun

Who would think such a powerful self defense weapon could be housed in such a small package? Your Greatest Protection, that's who!

Talk about easy to use! This Rechargeable 4.5 Million Volt Stun Gun fits easily in the palm of your hand. To recharge it simply plug it into any outlet! It doesn't get any easier to have effective personal protection at your fingertips!

The new kid in town is a mini rechargeable stun gun that delivers the maximum punch!

It's easily concealable, and virtually undetectable in your hand. This is a great self defense weapon.

What your attacker doesn’t see will startle and repel him as if he stuck his finger in a light socket. The Runt stun gun uses new cutting edge micro-technology to deliver a disabling 11 milliamps carried by high voltage.

You can carry the Runt Stun Gun in your hand or pocket. If you would like to wear it like a pager there is a free heavy duty nylon belt loop holster included. This unit is rechargeable, so there is no need for batteries. Just plug it right into a wall outlet! No cords to worry about!

Order the Runt today for virtually invisible protection at only$59.99! Visit Your Greatest Protection and pick one up for yourself and for a loved one!

Features: • Only 3.25" tall • Built-in Recharger - Just Plug It In • 4.5 million volts • Lifetime Warranty


  1. I like that its compact enough to carry in your pocket.

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